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Choosing Among the top Tourist Attractions in Colorado

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topIf you are looking for the top tourist attractions in Colorado, you must visit Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park, and the Royal Gorge as these have been considered by most visitors as the top destinations that every tourist visiting Colorado must not miss.

Colorado’s famous destinations

Colorado is just a small region that is home to numerous magnificent all-natural attractions. It is home to the Rocky Mountains. The region also has numerous winding and long mountain roads, amazing rock formations, a lot of wildlife and locations with views which will leave amazed.

Estes Park

Estes Park is situated 64 miles at a direction of North West from Denver and sits in the door from the National Park in Rocky Mountain . The National Park is 7522 ft. higher than sea level along with peaks varying 8500 ft up to 14000 ft! It’s complete of deep canyons, rivers, wildlife, grassy meadows, and spectacular views.

Estes Park is complete of life as well as bubbling with enjoyable activities. There you’ll find all kinds of specialty shops and distinctive restaurants (ever attempt Rock Hill Oysters?) to not mention all of the candy & sweets! Inside the specialty shops you’ll find all kinds of antiques & memorabilia, leathers & furs as well as Native American Arts in addition numerous more specialized items.

Stanley Hotel

You know what else you’ll find there? You got it right! The ever famous Stanley Hotel! The precise historical hotel in which Stephen King slept at while he was motivated to write his famous “The Shinning”. The place is said being haunted by spirits. They even can give spirits tours! If you value ghost stories, call early and have either room no. 217, the exact room where Stephen King slept in, or even room 418, the space that is considered to be haunted!

Royal Gorge

Yet another excellent scenic spot to visit around Colorado may be the Royal Gorge it is considered as one of the top tourist attractions in Colorado. This sits only 45 minutes from South West of the Co. Springs in the Canyon City. Presently there you’ll find the Bridge of Royal Gorge which is considered one from the worlds tallest suspension bridges. Positioned in the top from the bridge and 1000 ft. towards the river just below is the breath-taking spectacular views. They likewise have a Route Railroad to Royal Gorge where one can take the train as well as sit back and relish the magnificent view.

If you’d prefer flying you are able to take their “Jet powered helicopter” which will take you into the gorge. Additionally there’s the historical downtown place with shops, dining places and galleries


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